Sunday, man

It’s Sunday, man. There’s been no update here for ages but I’ve been busy doing some stuff and wondering what the meaning of life is. It’s not that I’m in a position that I need to update whoever but I like to keep this blog thingy updated for the people looking for what I do on google. Mainly so I can get jobs that pay me money so we can eat n’ stuff.

Been making a few different things for different people, some nice jobs for some nice people but most of my time has been spent writing stuff, stuff like movies n’ that. I finished a pilot episode for a TV thing I wanted to write and sent it out to people that I hope will want to make it. We’ll see how it goes. I like the story and I like the characters but we’ll see if I get anything back from the powers.

The other thing I’ve been doing is I set up a podcast to talk to people I know about whatever they want. It’s been pretty good fun and people seem to be more interesting than me. I’m trying to do them every week, It’d be easier if I lived closer to people but fuck moving from this spot man. It’s too nice and relaxing. I think it’s nice for people who live in cities to take the day and come up here to the wilderness to speak to me for a bit. It’s good for them. The podcast isn’t about woodworking and it’s probably got too much “bad” language for people who pretend they don’t talk like that but it’s called The Neil McKinlay Podcast if you’re interested.

I’ve got some nice smaller pieces of furniture that I’m going to be making soon. And I’ll eventually get this chair made that I’ve been wanting to make for a few years. Takes time, man. Especially when you’re relaxing and taking your time with life n’ that.

Laters, mate