Coffered Ceiling & Raised Panel Walls

Would you like a room like this?

I'm just joking, that's the usual advertising chat that we're constantly inundated with in this world man. I'm just posting this and I'll use some words that hopefully google picks up on and when someone searches for this type of work they'll come across my website. I'm smart like that. A fucking genius.

I found some photos on an old hard drive of this job we done a while ago, seems like a lifetime ago with everything that's went on between then and now but I'll save the life story for another time. No one cares. 

This was some of the most over the top work I've done, over the top in the sense that it's over the top for Scotland or the UK. Over the top in a private residence anyway, I'm sure I've saw some commercial fit outs that have this style but this was a house. A big house. We done a lot of it in solid oak, we had columns and capitals (the capitals are the carved pieces at the top of the columns) There was a lot of coffered ceilings and raised panelling. It took a long long time to do. So much work man.

We've done this type of work all over Scotland. Some in Glasgow, some in Edinburgh and once down in London. Londons too busy, too many people. 

I like doing this sort of work, it takes time but it can be rewarding. Now that the workshop is set up it means we can do most of the pre assembly stuff here and then take to site. That cuts down on time actually on the job. If you're in the mood for some coffered ceilings and some sort of panelling then get in touch. We cover all areas. If you want to check through the blog posts theres a few examples of other wainscotting and paneling that we've done throughout the West End go Glasgow and beyond. 

I've got more pictures of work in progress but no one likes to see them, if you want to see more just give me a shout.

Take it easy :)