Bookcase with rolling ladder

A few weeks ago we fitted a floor to ceiling bookcase that we made. 

We went for a raised panel door along the bottom then equally spaced out shelves up to the tall shelf for ornaments and or artefacts.

We needed the depth but the window was in the way, how inconsiderate. The desk had to stay in it's position too so we worked around it.


I didn't want it to be an obvious end to the straight section so we made some curved/radius face frames to keep it all uniform. I think it turned out nice. 

Just some 'in progress' pics for anyone interested.

So that's that. A floor to ceiling bookcase with rolling ladder. You can see that the ladder gets stored upright with this mechanism we used, I liked it. You can find it at its made in the UK by these guys and the delivery was pretty quick. 

As usual feel free to show someone who might want something like this or some fitted wardrobes/handmade kitchens or some furniture or some a this or some a that around Argyll or Glasgow areas or really anywhere then get in touch and we'll see what we can do.