White Oak Chest of Drawers

I've posted these before but I had to get them delivered back to me here because we had some wood movement issues. Wood likes to move when you don't want it to but we got it back and they were fixed within an hour. It's super annoying but we got it done.  I liked this set of drawers, the box joints turned out nice and I like the grain matching across the front, I'll make make a set for myself at some point. 


So that's that, don't know if I posted this already with the feet. They're not bad, I think if it was my job to choose the legs I'd maybe do an oak set or maybe a one piece base type affair.

This was built with solid white oak, the drawer had box joint details on the edges and ran on Blum undermount drawer runners. It was finished in 'natural' by Rubio Monocoat.

As always, feel free to show someone who you think would like this and if you are looking for anything to be built just get in touch :)