Box Joint Drawers

I eventually got the chest of drawers done to go along with the bed and bench that are heading to Skye. Well, its finished until the finish gets applied. I'm just waiting on it getting here and we're all good.

It's a simple design but was pretty tricky to work out the undermount drawer runners so you don't see them, I think I rambled on about this in a previous post.

There's a finger pull groove on the top of the of the bottom ones and on the underside of the top ones and the space can fit a fat finger pretty easily. #Allfingersmatter 

I'm pleased with how this has turned out and need a hand lifting it , it's super heavy. Done in solid oak and will last forever. This is the type of furniture you can move from house to house and it doesn't fall apart. Buy it once and keep it forever.

I'd appreciate if you share this with someone you think might like this. As always, if you're in the area and looking for something made give me a shout.