A Large Oak Bed

I've been making a big oak bed along with an oak chest of drawers and a bench. 

The head board is an oak veneer and the corners have been folded around to give it the look of one piece. In the recess of the headboard we fitted a socket and light switch to each end. The cables come through the floor of the bedroom and up the inside of the headboard. It should look pretty sleek once fitted.

The brief was to make it look as though it's floating 6" from the floor. I made the centre piece that holds it up small enough so you don't see it but still able to take the full weight of the bed. It's really not rocket science but it gives it a nice look.  

The material used is solid white oak for the bed frame and white oak veneer for the head board to match the kitchen that will be fitted into the property. All the slats and bits you don't see are birch ply. 

We went for a box joint on the corners to match what the chest of drawers will look like. The ones on the bed were scaled up in size because of the heaviness of the bed frame compared to what the drawers will look like. 

there'll be progress pics as I continue the build and you can always check out the Instagram too where more day to day pics are added. 

And as always, please share with someone who you might think would like this, for anyone interested in commission work just email and we can go from there.

Take it easy :)