A Modern Live Edge Table

I like to search the internet for slabs of wood, you never know what you'll find and you need to buy it there and then because you'll never find another one the same, they're al different. 

Recently I've had some time to work on my own stuff and I bought a few elm slabs last year for different furniture projects. Here's what I came up with

The live edge slab of elm I had was cut down to the size we needed for a side table and I used some iroko for the legs. Legs are a bit tricky, not tricky to build but tricky to get a design worked out, well for me anyway. I'm partial to the mid century modern style and I think when paired with the natural wood. it can create a really nice piece.  

Everything was finished with a few coats of Danish oil.  

All in all I'm pleased with the way this piece turned out. I'm trying to do some pieces in between other jobs when I can, just finding my style, know what I mean?

I hope to add a few pieces to the online store by the end of the year but if you're interested in this piece or have an idea for a piece then get in touch and we can talk about it.

There is a video of this build on my YouTube channel, hit the YouTube icon at the top right of this page or search YouTube for 'Neil McKinlay'

Over and out :)