An Elm Table in London

I saw a good picture of a table we done down in London about a year ago. It was in some Bar & Restaurant award thingy. We only got iPhone pictures when fitting. 

Once the good pictures are done they don't tell the people who made the actual stuff. It's only the designers and people of importance that get sent them. Looks good though.

This was made with a couple of elm slabs that came from trees that came down way up on an estate near Inverness. The wilderness man. Beautiful wood. 


We left the village at 9pm and drove through the night. Fitted it and were out of London by 9am. Well we decided to go to Camden to get something to eat then got caught on the congestion charge cameras.  We ended up getting caught in traffic on the way home, 12 hour drive man. Killer. All in all it was a good trip.

If you fancy a table like this or something similar, give me a shout, we've got a few really nice elm and oak slabs in just now that are from an estate that's about 5 miles from Eileen Donan Castle. If you know the film Highlander thats the castle they leave and cross the bridge. It's a lot smaller in real life. 

Good wood, man