Happy New Year

I Worte a story every Sunday in 2016 about the previous week, I done it to see what happened and if people would like it. I got emails and messages every week from it and met some nice people. The internet's pretty cool. I had thought of updating this blog with the story every week but for some reason I managed it here and there but didn't manage to do it every week. Heres the last one.



Another solid year done. A load a deaths, a load a births and everybody who's not already married got engaged. They all said they got engaged to their best friends, Gemma's not my best friend, I like her and that but best friend's taking it a bit too far. I think guys say that because it's what they think they need to say or maybe they heard it in a movie and thought "aye, I'll say that, keeps her quiet" I get it. Respect

A lot of folks been moaning about 2016 and the shit that's happened, I get it and there was some famous folk who died that I felt sad about, folks who made music or movies that shaped the way you looked at life. That stuff matters. 

Some other folks moaned about politics, I keep telling people that it makes no difference to us normal people, it never will, if you think whatever actor is in charge of the government will have an impact in our lives then you're thinking too much, you've got too much spare time on your hands. Just get on with the work, works the best thing we've got. Obviously I mean it's the best thing we've got outside of family and your health but everyone knows that already.....unless you hate your family that is.

Other than all the people moaning there's been loads of people doing what they want and enjoying life. Since the YouTube videos I get messages daily from folks all over who have told the Man to suck it and they're getting on with enjoying life and making some dough doing what they like. With that and the lack of watching normal telly or reading news I don't see the world as bad a place as it's made out to be. 

I've found out that no ones in charge and no one has a fucking clue to what's going on here, people will tell you that this is the way to live or if you do this or that you'll succeed at whatever but no one knows, it's all just marketing or whatever, we can pretty much do whatever and test out what works for us.Iit's a good time to be alive, I think. 

I might be wrong and the nuclear holocaust wipes us all out in 2017, I'd rather it didn't because we've got some nice places to visit this year and I wanted to get a new planer thicknesser as well as a new dust extraction system. So hopefully we'll be cool and society won't be wiped out in one foul swoop!

So I'm still managing to work from home up here in the wilderness and make a living, managing to afford heating, electric and food. I had to do all my accounts at the end of the year too so we're probably ok for the next cupla' months. We'll see what happens in 2017. 

I hope this year is good for you and you don't feel the need to moan about some stupid shit, it's a waste of time that could be used for something good. I've enjoyed all the taking to the people I've met through this social media thing. Some folks say the internets ruined stuff but I wouldn't have met and spoke to all the folk I have without it, good times, good year. 

There's only a few things I know that are good for you - Don't watch the telly or read newspapers, only hang about with good, positive people and the only thing you can control is your attitude, you've got no control over anything else.Zero! 

Thanks for the your time and all that jazz. 

Enjoy the steak pie. HOLLA