Is This The Total Cost?

I've gave back three quotes this week and the folks have asked if thats the total cost...

When I give a quote out for a job, it's the final amount, the only way it will change is if you add something or change something. It may be my laid back demeanour that makes you wonder "has this guy got everything covered here, did he understand us?" I do, I'm only laid back on the outside, inside my mind I'm wondering if the illuminati is an actual thing, is there a god, will I ever write a great movie and will I ever have the determination to get a six pack amongst loads of other stupid shit but the jobs and prices are always one price, one fixed price.

I've saw a lot of jobs and priced a lot of jobs from laying a small floor at sixty quid to a £300k plus renovation so it's kinda' second nature at this stage, don't worry I've remembered everything. Although I did make an island unit at the same height as the rest of the units a few weeks ago, that was fine until the folks told me it was to be higher and it was on the drawings. I forgot about that, I must have been doing sit ups to get that six pack when they mentioned it.     

I'll give a quote covering everything, I won't come and fit whatever it is then ask for more once I'm done, any changes will be followed up with a quote before we continue so we're all on the same page before we continue. 

It's the simplest thing, anything I make is 50% at time of order, that gets your place in the work flow then the rest when it's delivered/fitted. Easy. Simple, no hassles, life too short.

Take it easy and get that six pack :)