Handmade Pine Kitchen Update

An update for the pine kitchen we're doing. It's taken some time but one job gets put back and then it's late nights and weekends to catch up. It's getting there now. Heres a few pictures of whats been happening recently. 

I've cleared , well I'm in the process of clearing out a space next to this space that I used to store stuff, it's quite a good size and will give me more room to move when I've got more than one job on the go.  

the new tool wall is still looking great and its more productive. Always be knolling. 

I like to do 18mm sides, bottoms and the top runners with a 9mm back. Glued, domino'd and screwed if you won't see the screws, glued, domino'd and clamped together if you will see the sides. These cabinets were clad with pine tongue and groove so they were glued, domino'd and screwed. Really solid cabinets. The converse shoes are no longer. had them for years and wore them to work once too many times. You are missed.

The folks went for reclaimed scaffold boards for the worktops. You know that it costs nearly just as much for an old fucked scaffolding board as it does for a new one. This hipster trend has went too far, it needs to end :) 

A lot of sanding and they came out pretty nice. The reclaimed scaffolding boards should age well with time, the more damage you do to them the better they'll probably look.

The drawers are being built as we speak and those two doors that are sitting inwards still need the catcher on the inside of the cabinet. It's getting there. We'll be done by this week we hope.

It's been a nice job, the cabinets are solid and this kitchen will last for a real long time. We're getting through the workload that's backed up too so that's a bonus. I'll get one last post with better pictures and stuff when this kitchen is all complete. I think everyone should have some form of handmade furniture in their house, there's something real about it.  

As always, if you're looking for something to be made and you're in the Glasgow/Argyll area feel free to get in touch and if you have any friends or family that you think would like my stuff I'd appreciate if you passed on my website. Have a nice weekend.

Until next time :)