Elm Live Edge Table

The brief was a roundish shape for a restaurant down in London. We looked around for a big round slab but it had to be about 1100mm in diameter, we couldn't find much so we got a few different pieces and joined them here and there.

Started off with these two bits above and cut them up roughly to be able to mark out a rough shape.

The white masking tape is the rough idea of the shape, I go back and forth with the architect to see what will suit the client.

The toes you see are the replacement Converse since the last pair were retired. Same colour because I'm plain Jane. These are the Converse 2 and they're comfier. A lot comfier. I like them. You should buy them.

In the photo above it shows where I had to come up with something to get away from the horizontal join, it wouldn't look good and I couldn't really see another way to do it, Lewis and me went over it for a quick 15 minutes and thought about doing a cut out in some sort of shape, I think it looks good like this.

The finish added to the table was an AC lacquer with a 20% sheen. It's durable and it's the preferred finish when in a restaurant environment.

So that's that, I'll be heading down to the enemy territory to drop it off and head back up to the mother land before the border guards spot us. 

Feel free to share with whoever you wish and until next time, take it easy.