I've not been copying these rambles to here every week when I should have been. They've been on the Facebook page every Sunday. The last one posted here was #12 I think, here is the latest one - The "#22" is the week number we've just finished. Nearly halfway there. It's not going too fast, fast enough though.


I had a brilliant, amazing plan to video each day this week and then edit it down to a super quick 5-6minute video. I filmed the week and what I got up to but I can't sit down and edit everything. Balls to carrying a camera around with you and then having to edit it all to a video. It was annoying and I’m not a video maker, I can make a rough edited video of me making something and that’s it. I’m just going to stick to that. I end up forgetting to film stuff then the battery dies and the memory card gets filled so I need to sit in front of a computer moving the files over, then some files have the same name and I need to rename all these files, I’m not into it man!

I’ve been working on a pine kitchen and it’s looking good. I can’t really get inspired by pine but it’ll be a really nice kitchen. So the start of the week was just me doing that, making doors, making the face frames and trying to get as much done as possible so I can get it painted and then fitted, I’ll be fitting it bit by bit. This gives me more space in Neilly’s small woodshop by doing a few units and fitting, the folks don’t live in the house and it’s only a 25 second drive from my house so doing it bit by bit will work out just fine, I wouldn’t use this approach normally.

I had to nip away to Edinburgh to see a couple of work related things on Tuesday. Leith is pretty mental, it’s like Govan but worse with more junkies. I did go into a meeting at a nice studio to measure up and cost some furniture, it was in Leith too but it was a nice little creative/semi-hipster part of Leith, it was sunny too so we sang the song. I say we because Gemma and Sonny came with me. While I was there I dropped off a longboard to “Braw Beard Oils” He was a good guy and the board turned out nice. If you’re into beard oil you should check him out, he makes it all himself. 

We had tickets to Bruce Springsteen on Wednesday night, we saw him in 2013, he’s great so Gemma bought tickets again. Life's short, buy the concert tickets.

We planned the day out well, living up in the sticks you need to do stuff like this, plan days out and all that – We thought we’d park at Andy Databusters underground lair then get the train to Mount Florida leaving a quick walk to Hampden. Then we thought we could get a train from Dumbarton to Queen Street then walk to Central Station. Then we thought we’d park at Bob and Michelle’s in the Gorbals and walk. 
We eventually decided that we’d be best to park at Govan, get the subway to St. Enoch Street then walk to Central Station, get the train to Mount Florida and walk to the stadium. Getting there was fine, all went to plan, we got a roll n’ chips on the walk into Hampden, it went really well. On the way back though it didn’t really work out as we thought/hoped – We headed to the train and the queue was about a mile long snaking around the backs of the shops and through the streets of houses, we jumped a few spots in the queue but it didn’t go down any, we decided to walk into the town. Saw a couple of guys fighting, got a bottle of Fanta and a double decker to share and charged on. We got to the subway, missed the last one to Govan and walked out and around the corner to get the bus at the bus stops across from McDonalds on Jamaica Street to Govan, got off in some dodgy Govan hood and walked to the car. We got in late and Gemma was in some pain from her arthritis and all the walking, she just had an operation a few days before, we shouldn’t have walked but what do you do? Cars weren’t moving, nae buses and the bloody ginormous train queue. We could have sat on the pavement and moaned but she just got on with it. She goes through pain everyday, she’s always smiling, more people should be like her, the world would be better.  
Bruce was great and I don’t think anyone under 40 is cool, it’s all the older people that are cool, young people just think they’re cool but they’re not, they can’t be until they’re over 40. 

Thursday and Friday was back to the pine kitchen, the weather we’re having is the best so I’ve been extending my lunch time and sitting out relaxing. I’ve been trying to finish at a reasonable time and it’s working out ok. A few late nights and weekends are good and necessary at times but time waits for no man. 

Work is work, life is life.