Whisky Barrel Longboard and Beard Oil

I just dropped a board to Brae Beard Oils. They wanted a black board longboard with green wheels to match their logo and bottles. It turned out nice, the logo was laser engraved then done in white. It stands out pretty good.

All the whisky barrel longboards and skateboards turn out really nice, I've been looking through the staves and picking out ones with stamps or markings, they don't make any difference eon the riding capabilities but they look better on the underside. 

The underside gets the stamp. I've been moving the stamps and logos about on the boards recently but I've decided to just do the stamp on the underside, it looks good on the underside. 

If you happen to be at any event and see the board, feel free to post it to instagram with the hashtag #whiskybarrelskateboard and I'll find it. If you need any beard oil check out 'Braw Bread Oils' and if you are looking for some laser engraving in the Glasgow area check out Alisdair at Glasgow Laser. Both good people. 

If you fancy a board you can check them out at the STORE section of this site, for any logos just get in touch to arrange.

Until next time :)