Handmade Pine Kitchen

I'm working on a pine kitchen, It's the first thing I've made from pine since setting up the new workspace. It's usually either oak or merranti that I've been making the face frames and doors out so it's nice for a change. I don't have much pictures but I'll post some updates along the way. 

Here's a few pictures that I've remembered to take so far, these units are all painted now and ready to go, the next update will probably be this load fitted, most are on my instagram but not everyone is on insta, if you are check out @neilmckinlay for what I'm up to day to day.

It gets tight in here but I manage. Once the extension goes on the front I'll have more space than I know what to deal with.

Getting something handmade can be quite expensive, using pine makes it super affordable. If you've came here from a Google search and would like a cost for something like this just give me a shout. I'm in the wilderness but still manage to venture into Glasgow and Edinburgh from time to time so distance isn't too much of an issue. 

Until next time.