I keep forgetting to put these up on here but I'll pop them on when I remember, this is from the 11th week of the year, we're on like the 15th now I think. I'm keeping up to date with posting them every Sunday morning on the Facebook page. It's just a ramble on the previous week and a few thoughts that run through my head, nonsense most of the time.


I've been working on a few different jobs this week, a big set of oak furniture/cupboards for a home office, some cabinets for a restaurant and some skateboards. Time went too fast this week but we still got a bit done, I still don't really like a deadline and think they should be outlawed. 

We fitted a door for the Dobbies of Eaglesham at the start of the week and picked up some materials, we needed some oak, it seems to be getting used all the time and I think it might be overused a bit. It's everywhere, everyone wants oak. It's nice but it's used all the time. The cabinet that got finished for the restaurant looks great and I thought I'd save the fitting time by making it in one piece, it's 2.7m long, it's really heavy and I should have maybe done it in two pieces. It's cool though because I got the tow bar fitted and I'm borrowing a trailer for delivery on Monday. It's all good.

I did an interview for another magazine and sent them over pictures, I don't think I've got enough pull yet for them to send a photographer up here, I like to send them photos that a pro photographer used along with ones that Andy took on his iphone then see what they choose. It's for some hipster/handmade type affair in London, think it's out next month, I have another whisky mag coming up in a few weeks to take some photos and stuff, I'm contemplating getting my teeth whitened, it might sell more. That's all the magazines that have asked me so far, GQ still haven't asked, neither has playboy but we're still early in the game! 

I had some tooth ache and had to go to the dentist, he's just down in Helensburgh but I've not been since 2013, it was 8 years before that visit too, I don't have the time, anyway I need route canal treatment, back in a couple of weeks. I need to go more. My tooth was killing me then we got held up in a petrol station cos a guy had a diabetic fit then another guy I know had some illness thing happen to him, I decided no sugar, I want to live long, like really long. It's been 4 days, I've only had a bit of Gemma's white chocolate millionaire coconut cake thing....and ice cream but that's been it. I feel better for it. I'll go for a few months and see if I've look like John Cena, if there's no resemblance I'm back on the candy bars.

I had set a point where I wanted to get to this week and I was going to work late on Friday night, I got to about 4ish and things were going well so I thought that because Granny had the boys me and Gemma should go out for dinner, managed to finish up for 6 or just before and got changed. Getting changed means taking off work trousers with glue and paint to put on cleaner work trousers. Going out's not my thing but I enjoy it now and again. Fuck going out to a nightclub and all that, dinner is my limit, less dicks when you just go for dinner. We walked down to the Shore House, it was nice. 

I've got my friend Alan up this weekend to work on some stuff, he likes to think it's the hard tricky stuff that he's doing, I let him think that. I had finished up the drawings for the job that he's doing late Friday night, I went to print them out Saturday morning......nae ink! I hate the printer cartridges, it seems that I print one or two things and then I need to buy more, the printers in a room that's been waiting to be renovated for 3 years, it's cold and I start to think that the cold ruins the ink, I think it's just a racket! I email everything so I don't need paper but I like a paper drawing to scribble shit on. I thought I'd get an iPad and just use it for the workshop, there must be an app where you can scribble over a drawing, the thing that'd annoy me is it switching off if it's just sitting there then having to start t again, I don't know, it seems stupid to get one but I worked out that in 3 years it'd have been the same cost as my printer cartridge consumption. I like paper but I need cheaper ink. 

Fuck ink cartridges