Sliding Barn Door

This job was made a wee while ago but we just got around to fitting it yesterday. It was a solid oak door finished with farrow & Ball "skylight"

We used a sliding door hardware from a UK based company that make them to order and it worked out well.  

The door works out to be 33mm thick with 12mm paneling, all solid oak. The V groove tongue and groove paneling was run in the workshop and the frame was put together using Festool Domino's. The dominos act as loose tenons, I've used them for a lot of doors now and they work really well. It's a bit of a time saver and I like how solid the joints are. 

We went with a traditional brace on the back/front of the door. Looked super sweet when all fitted.

The door being 2.2m long and 915mm wide managed to fit into the new brief with room to spare. the astra eventually died well it didn't die it just ran out of MOT and there was too much to do to get it road legal, maybe not loads but Im short on time and I like to do stuff on the car myself. So got myself a 4x4 with a tow bar for the trailer, the trailer that I don't have yet but I've saw a few I'd like to get. I'm getting one of those expedition trays made for the top too, wide and long enough to carry sheets, eventually I might spray it with plasti-dip or get it wrapped some sort of matt black colour. You know to make it look like a zombie killer. It might be a nice project to work on.

Anyway this was a nice build and it turned out nice, I'll probably check on it in a month-6 weeks or so for any shrinkage in the oak, it happens. 

These folks chose handmade, these folks chose right :)

Stay cool