Still running a week behind so I'll post #8 in a day or so and then #9 on Sunday and we're back on track, I love it when a plan comes together :)


My knolling may be a bit off on this pic, forgive my dodgy knolling practice. I had just finished steam bending oak to edge the round table from the video yesterday. I've worked late for the past however long and during the steam bending I thought 'fuck it' I decided to finish about 5ish and take it easy. 

I'm working on a few different things and get caught up in it and get annoyed, I forget that It's a good gig and you need to remember to enjoy it. It's the deadlines and 'bizness' stuff that's a whole lot of shite. Stuff like bringing in money to pay bills and remember to invoice people etc. I think if you treat this whole thing as a game and play the game it sets up your mind the right way. If you call it a game you can use the phrase "hate the game not the playa" and there's nothing wrong with using that phrase, nothing at all! 

Alasdair the laser engraver made his way to Arrochar on Sunday and I picked him up from there, we were working on the photo booth for Ryan and Rebecca at Oddbox. Shen talking to Alasdair going over the build I thought "2 days man, nae bother" and he thought he had about 2 days too. It was a bit longer but we got it done and it looked great, we'll get pictures and stuff soon. We had 3 of us working in the workshop, it was tight but we still managed without having to rub up against each other too much. 

Me and Lewis took a trip into the big city to drop off the photo booth with Alasdair then had some materials to pick up, we thought we'd stop in at the restaurant that we're building the tables for to see how they were getting on. Workies are great man, doesn't matter where they come from, they all speak the same and moan about the same things. Not just in Scotland, I've met them all over. "Project managers a riot" "plasterer's a fanny" "electricians a pure weirdo" and on and on. They've always got funny jokes though. Because Lewis and me are from the countryside and look like hillbillys they wonder what the fuck we're all about and think we're they're to case the joint or Lewis is a backwards hat wearing surfer dude here on an exchange programme and I'm his chaperone. We always get that weird look and laugh from workies we encounter!

I phoned in the timber order and wanted 50 metres, when we got there the price was lower than I thought, he got 15 metres. I kinda' thought he said 15 on the phone but thought he probably said 50. Had to make the trip back down the next morning for opening time. So a 110 mile round trip then a shift until 9ish. It's a heavy going way just to get the 1975 911 and the house in Malibu. I hope I still have all my hair when the Porsche is purchased. 

Anyway deadlines aren't a good thing and I'm not a fan, I'm thinking that if I could go to bed with my clothes on it'd be beneficial to my productivity. Getting all thermal'd up then a cupla' shirts and 2 pairs of socks etc is a time killer.

Another week should see me free of deadlines and non stop working, then I think I should just keep going at this pace for a year or so. I've sat in the house with no money or no work before and it's not bad bad but it's not great either. The saying "make hay while the sun shines" isn't one I'd use because it's not 1949 and I don't know how to make hay but it's kinda like that. 

Roger that, over 😎