At one point in the week I ended up at a wee quick job, the guy was old and had worked from himself for most of his working years, I wondered that, if, when he was my age and working to get where he wanted to get did he every think he'd get as old as he is, obviously he'd age but old in the sense that you're not as quick as you were. He asked me if I wanted a lift with something but I said "nah your cool". It must be weird being old with no job, your family are doing their thing and you've got nothing to do, you've got a garden and stuff but if you've worked for yourself for al they years then it stops and your just dondering about. I think if you keep enjoying shit then you'll be fine.

I've tried to keep any trips for materials, meetings, and general messing about to one day. I was going to meetings that were pointless or meetings where people wanted to see the skateboards and try to get a free one out of me, it was wasting time, time waits for no man. So with everything done in a day it's a long day but it gives me the rest of the week in the wilderness. I went to see 3 different jobs, on one of them the lady of the house said something like "if someone's going for a jobby they won't use this toilet because there's no door". It's nice to hear, I was starting to think everyone spoke all this 'business' talk and it was me that was weird! I done about 300 miles that day and got in just before midnight. 

We had planned to do a podcast on the same day, Chief ended up sleeping in, it was at 4:30pm. He might be a vampire, we're still undecided. Anyway, podcast gets put back to this weeks 'big day out in the city'

Lewis got his board back from Alasdair the laser engraver, most likes on Instagram and Facebook, not sure if that's something that's good but I suppose it's good in a weird way in this mental world we're living in, all that social currency that they fake creatives talk about, maybe we're missing something. 

We went and got a lathe too, it was Lewis' grandads then his dad's and now it's his, he turned a mushroom and then a skateboard wheel, we think we can do a set of whisky barrel skateboard wheels, don't know how they'll run but they'll look good. 

I blasted through about 1000 pins this week and a load of glue while listening to Gerry Rafferty, Gerry was great, I wonder what he'd think of the state of music nowadays. 'Days gone down' is probably my favourite track he done. 


NM :)