Started the week editing a video of the kitchen dresser. The dresser is fitted and I think Gemma is happy with it but can never be 100% sure. I’ve stopped trying to figure women out. I was getting on well with the tables for the restaurant and must’ve got something mixed up and fucked two of the table sizes up, I chopped them up and we’re heading in the right direction now. Between the tables I finished up some oak doors, finished apart from a tiny bit of moulding that I have to run next week. It seems to be normal now to be chopping up trees and chopping firewood, I bought a pair of long johns and theyre marvelous, I got a thermal top too, don’t know if that’s called a long John but that’s also marvelous!

I met Alasdair to go over the photobooth job. We got a plan worked out and we’re on a deadline to get it done. I kinda’ enjoy working past 8 o’clock at night now, I get loads more done and it ends up becoming the ‘norm’. There was a photographer for a magazine meant to be coming up but the weather has been gash, he needs some outside shots so he’s going to come on Tuesday I think. We’ve still to talk nudity and stuff. I done a wee interview for the same magazine. There was one question that I didn’t have an answer for – “What’s different about your job that people might not expect” or something along those lines, I don’t think it’s a really serious magazine but I don’t think it’s vizz either so I may have to redo some answers.

I got another few hand planes delivered, I’m trying to use more hand tools this year and get better with them, eventually moving to a shack at the Amalfi coast and not using any electricity whatsoever, taking a year to build a door and stuff. Only eating pizza and ice cream, I still need to run it passed Gemma and the boys.

On Thursday night me, Andy and Chief done a podcast, it wasn’t too weird and we got into the swing of it as we went on, another couple and we’ll find our groove. We plan on doing one per week and hopefully we’ll get some listeners. The plan is to get a new guest every week so if you want to be on a podcast let me know. We’ve decided there’s not going to be an actual theme, it’s just going to be us talking a lotta’ shite about what we’re upto. It was good fun, Chief had to edit out a bit because it was too X-rated, we had to edit out another bit when there was a story about someone who may or may not have liked it to be put out there. It went well, and we’re not going to edit any future ones.

Me and Lewis took a trip into the big smoke to pick up some materials. He had smashed his phone screen so we dropped the phone into a place in Finnieston then thought we should get something to eat. The gentrification in Finnieston is pretty wild. We saw a guy who was dressed like a biker but we’re 98% sure he didn’t have a bike, the hipster movement is a funny one, people are weird! We managed to get two burgers for £12 so that sealed the deal for us. While we were eating I spotted a suede couch over the street, I think someone threw it out, I was in my work gear so I was carrying a blade, I like to carry a blade. We finished the burgers and headed over to skin the couch. It’s good material. All the fake creatives walking about we’re looking at a couple of rednecks skinning an unused couch, that’s creative though. That’s the real deal. We don’t fit in. Anyway Lewis had his GoPro and he filmed it so when we get the footage sorted we’ll fire it on the YouTube.

I left Lewis and headed to see Delboi at his tattoo shop, I let him draw on my arm then we measured up a desk that I’m going to make for him. It’s good chat in the tattoo shop, my first tattoo in about 2 years, it got nippy near the end but I survived.

On the way home I dropped candles off at Bobs, Coronation Street was on but he says he doesn’t watch it and it was just on in the background. I believe him.  

NM :)