Kitchen Dresser

We have been planning to do the kitchen in our own house for about 4 years. Planning has consisted of saying "that'd be nice, we should do that" and that's as far as it's went.

Over the past few years I've gathered together some leftover materials from various jobs and I had enough kicking about to make the first unit. We're patient when renovating this house, really patient. We decided to do a freestanding dresser that can be eventually moved about to where we think it fits. There's a new cooker coming in a few weeks so that will be unit number 2. We're on a roll and within a year or two we could have a full kitchen. Anyway I did a video of the build. It's just under 8 minutes and may bore some people but if you like to make stuff yourself theres probably one, maybe two little tips that you might not have thought of before.

Enjoy.  (Sorry about the dancing, sometimes the only thing to do is dance, I think it's beneficial)