Limied Edition Oban Distillery Skateboards

That's the limited edition Oban Distillery boards all ready to go.....eventually.

The Oban Distillery is one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland and was built in 1774. I wonder when it was being built the guys thought that some schmuck from down the road in Lochgoilhead would be making skateboards from the barrels. Probably not, I'm 99% sure that skateboards weren't big in Oban in the 1770's.  

With these being a limited edition run I decided to do something different, I decided to leave a strip on all 8 boards that wasn't planed down as much as I'd usually plane them. It leaves the oak with a dark staining from the whisky over the years. Each board has it's own number in the order they were made. Looks really good and I have it on good authority that they ride really really well. 

Like all the boards, each one has it's own look and grain. It's pretty difficult to get 100 year old oak to look identical. Each one is handmade here in my small workshop, AKA Neilly's woodshed AKA Mr Neil's woodworking studio AKA My domain. Trucks and wheels are always supplied from independent skate shops too. Just doing my bit you know. 

So 8 boards, all up at the STORE Like all the boards I do they are to be used, abused and enjoyed. Christmas is close and these are ideal for the mental whisky guy or gal that you know. These can be personalised to suit. If thats your thing, just ask. 

Rememeber to be good to yo' bad self.