Recent Goings on

Been jam packed recently. You make a skateboard from old whisky barrels and you end up meeting all these people. Theres a lot of good people out there doing good stuff. One guy took me to a vegan restaurant. I didn't get this temple by eating vegan but it was ok, had a pizza, the cheese was funny but it was nice. Anyway theres a lot of good things happening all over Scotland just now, once we get passed the negativity part of it we'll be cool.

I done a few branded boards. Popped into the Apple store in Glasgow with one.

I loved this board, all the staff at Apple loved it too. Still waiting on Tim Cook phoning me up and asking me to make one for every Apple employee. Then I wonder if Tim Cook has a special device that he says something like "Call Neil in Lochgoilhead" then it trawls Apples database and calls my number. Then I think maybe Tim Cook is a robot. Then I get my tinfoil hat and sit in darkness!!

Then I done a mini cruiser for BrewDog

I had ran out of boxes to send out the BrewDog one, because we're out here in the boondai I had to improvise. Strolled down to the Post Office and Rod hooked me up with 2 McCoys crisps boxes. I wanted a banana box but I would have had to but 40 bananas to get the box. I took the two boxes and rednecked it into one. Done a quick wee video of it - 

The boards are going well, getting a lot of interest and nice feedback but I can always sell more. There's a new option at the 'store' to buy the deck only, I had been asked quite a few times if I would sell the deck only, the people asked and I answered :) 

Apart from making whisky barrel skateboards and trying to skate on them I've been doing some design stuff. Designing 2 funky kitchens and designing a small library area in a beautiful big house.  It's good but I get days when time zooms past and I feel like ripping my face off. I'm thinking on taking on a guy to help out with making stuff and the general keeping on top of things. I'll see, I'd like to think I'd do a big interview process and whittle them down to "the one" but I'll probably just see if my good man KevinO will come back from Sweden and help me out.

Heres a couple of the good folks I've been working with recently:

Craig at ClydeBuilt He does organic T-shirts and they're not even expensive. Check him out and buy some stuff, your saving the planet by buying them.

Paul & Mark at Fakie Apparel They just took a couple of boards from me, one of the mini cruiser then we came up with a new design. There'll be pics etc once we get it all laser engraved. Take a look and buy some stuff from them too.

Both companies will be selling their wears at a weekend pop up shop put on by Meet the Locals Glasgow I'll also have some boards there for sale, if you've got the time pop down and take a look, all the businesses there deserve the money to be spent with them. It's a constant hustle trying to make it out there doing it for yourself.

So thats that, over and out. More pics and stuff coming up soon, I have the limited edition whisky boards nearly done too, they'll be for sale over the next week or two.

Speak soon young blood.