The Store Is Live Now

That's the store all set up and working now, the reason I know it's working is because I bought stickers and pencils from it just to see if it was working....It worked.

Theres not a lot on it just now but I'll be adding stuff as we go. The delivery option is really annoying. I couldn't set delivery for each individual item, I got onto the people who power this site "Squarespace" and they said "They're working on it" So thats that. I'll try a few work arounds on smaller items to see how it goes but if you are going to buy anything and unsure, just fire me an email and I'll get back to you.

The whisky barrel skateboards and long boards are the main thing on just now. I've worked hard on them to get them looking as good as I possibly can as well as building them solid so they last. I have one and use it daily, I really like it. 

I'm working on some other cool jobs just now then I'll get around to the limited edition whisky boards that will be for pre order. Too many jobs to do, not enough hours. I'll get there though.

So thats that, if you go on and buy anything from the store, Thanks, we really appreciate the support and I hope you enjoy whatever you have bought.

Posse' Out