Pre Order boards

Since the first whisky barrel longboard I done I had quite a few enquiries. Figured out everything and got the design and equipment down. I've sold a few now and the two in the picture above have just been sold to a few cool folks. They're pretty good though, I've not done a lot of research but I'm pretty sure theres not loads of these boards about.

I've managed to hunt down some whisky barrel staves from a well known distillery, theres a good bit of history involved in them. I only got a small amount so I'll be doing a limited run of 10 boards. These will be available to pre order on a first come first serve basis. There's some more details at the Facebook page and I'll fire on the prices and details on how to pre order next week, probably around the 30th of August. I'll ship these bad boys worldwide.  I'll probably send out an email when they are ready to pre order. You can sign up for that down on the right side. I don't spam the shit out of you, it's only when something cool's happening.

Peace out and if you could tell your friends that might be interested it'd be appreciated.