Copper Patina Doors

I had a job come in that I was looking forward to doing. It was a freestanding unit for a kitchen and the doors were an aged copper. I like to do metalwork and I'm looking to do more of it in 2016, I was pleased how these doors came out, theres a video below if how I done the ageing/patina process.

It went well and all the chemicals were bought from a Home Hardware so pretty easy to do. I didn't realise that when caustic soda is added to ammonia it can explode, not a massive explosion but a mini type of explosion, and the bottle heats up a bit too. I was all protected so I didn't melt or deform any of my body.

The unit that the doors were for got fitted on christmas eve. I could have been doing with another day but I worked on to about 10:30 the night before to get it all tied up. Here's the drawing of the design I done and the actual unit.

The unit was done with birch ply and spray finished, the worktop is oak that was waxed. The folks that the unit was for were short on storage space so this should help them out a bit. 

Recently I've had some help in the workshop, Lewis just lives a few houses away from me and has been helping me out as well as making his own stuff. It's kinda' nice having some help as well as someone to talk a lot of shit to too while working. He helped me on this unit and came with me to fit it on christmas eve too - Here we are with the finished unit 

It's been a busy and crazy year and who knew that making a skateboard from old whisky barrels would allow me to travel about and meet some cool people. It's time for a few days off then back to work onto the next jobs that need to be out at the start of the year.

Relax, take it easy, eat and drink shit loads!