Whisky Barrel Skateboard Launch #2

The guys at Fakie Apparel decided to show the world the second board we did together. The board is the one that Mark is holding on the right. It's still a whisky barrel skateboard but instead of the oak being the star attraction we laser engraved one of Marks artworks over the majority of the board. It turned out really really nice and they have said that it rides really well too.

This was a new shape that we came up with and the laser engraving was the most elaborate we've done. Came out great though and it gets you thinking that the possibilities are pretty endless when it comes to shape and design. This material was all heading to the landfill so it's just a bit more special. Once we find trucks and wheels that are reclaimed from materials that are heading to the landfill we'll use them too. 100% recycled is the aim. 

These boards and some of my other ones are at the Meet The Locals Pop up shop this weekend at The Studio, 8 Dixon Street Glasgow. Go down and have a skate about on the new boards. These boards are exclusive to Fakie and they are going up for sell next week I think. If you have your own branding or company and want to do a board or a range of boards just get in touch and we'll work something out.

These boards sell pretty well and everyone that sees and feels them really love them. They're selling so well that something that started out as a sideline bit of fun is taking over my working days to be the main thing I'm doing. I'm meeting a lot of cool and creative people so it's all good. I'm still doing my other bespoke work like handmade kitchens and stuff along those lines but the skateboards are creeping up on me and all I see is skateboards, my skating is getting better, I;m not a real skateboarder that would do tricks and stuff, I'm using it as an alternative mode of transportation, just a gentle cruiser about town, thats my bag.

Over and out.