Porsche 911

Nothing to do with joinery, carpentry, renovations or anything along those lines.  

This is a great documentary that I stumbled across, I think it was Magnus Walkers TED talk that I saw first then found the documentary.  The Porsche 911 is the best designed 'anything' ever.  I've loved Porsches since I was young, my dad had a 924 and the main thing I remember is the checkered seats and being squashed into the back of it with my brother.  The 924 and 944 are cheap and still look good today but I'm holding out for a 911, I saw a 1970 for £89,950.  A few quid short this month, who knows what next month brings!

If your into it, have a look, nice scenery of DTLA too.

If you have a Porsche collection and want to swap one for some work on the old barter system, give me a shout ;)