Limited Edition Lagavulin Skateboards

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Limited Edition Lagavulin Skateboards

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This is the first limited edition run we have ever done of the Lagavulin cask longboards and mini cruisers. It's popular with Ron Swanson so thats good with us. We squeezed out as many as we could because we don't know if we'll ever be able to get these casks again. 

Each board comes with it's relevant number in the production as well as our own "Handmade in Scotland from Whisky Barrels" stamp. Other personalisation can be engraved onto the board, just send an email to discuss what you're after.

You can choose to have the 'deck only' (without wheels) or choose 'Complete' to make sure you've got some wheels too.


These boards are built to last and built to be ridden. Skate early, skate often. Always handmade in Scotland


Any questions or queries about the boards just fire me off an email to


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